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Устойчивая Энергия

For Utilities and DSO

DSO and consumer cost savings by full utilization of real time variable electricity rates potential.

Enable easy creation and operation of smart microgrids with energy independence for multiple consumers / prosumers.

Increase Renewable energy sources (RES) utilization and ROI by engaging distributed energy storage for energy produced not only by directly connected user owned RES, but also shared grid connected RES.

Increase grid stability and achieve better grid balance with connected multiple distributed RES.

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Enable smart Demand Response management for large number of small consumers/prosumers on a wide scale on a grid.

Enable new energy trading models like smart energy trading on Peer-to-Peer and DSO (Utility)-to-Consumer levels.

Improve Distribution System Operators (DSO) margins and ROI by engaging new financial models for peak/balancing energy by proactive prosumer engagement.

Reduce peak loads on the transmission and distribution networks, connecting more consumers to the existing grid and deferring CAPEX for new capacity.

Reduce CAPEX for energy storage systems by introducing effective cost sharing mechanisms between the DSOs and prosumers.

Flexible management by DSO of the grid energy balance by grid segments and substations, fully utilizing the potential of distributed energy storage.

With Enfinergy Smart Power Center we address and help to resolve the following key challenges of the industry:

Enfinergy Smart Power Center, comprising a smart energy management and storage device in combination with cloud based intelligent management software, opens new horizons of intelligent energy management and presents a unique opportunity for creating truly symbiotic financial relationships between the consumer/prosumer and the Distribution system operator (DSO/Utility) where both parties will gain financial benefits from technology capabilities provided by SPC.

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Prosumers will:

  • Obtain energy independence and uninterrupted power available at all times irrespectively of grid availability

  • Achieve energy costs reduction

  • Reduce initial investment in installing state of the art smart Solar + Storage solution

DSO/Utility will:

  • Reduce CAPEX for ESS by cost sharing scheme with connected prosumers

  • Allow more renewable energy within their segment of the grid along with related benefits (green certificates, etc.)

  • Receive access to a virtual energy storage facility distributed over the grid segments they control

  • Get cheaper energy from distributed storage to balance the grid at peak demand, less spend on balancing energy purchase from fossil fuel peaking plants

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