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Smart Power Solutions

Intelligent energy management

Smart Power Center

SPC is an intelligent energy management hub for your home or business, ensuring reliable and cost efficient 24/7 uninterrupted energy supply.


It will not only connect multiple energy sources from traditional and renewable supply and generation, but also manage energy consumption and cost, providing your energy needs are always fulfilled at the most reliable and economical way.

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Reduce peak energy cost

Better grid balance and stability

Increase grid capaciry

Leverage demand response

Distributed energy storage and VPP

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Visibility and control of energy

Maximize TOU benefits

Maximize own solar consumption

Grid tie and Off grid

Energy independence 24/7

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Smart Power Manager

SPM enables you to create a hub for all your energy, involving all functionality available in SPC but allowing to connect and inter operate third party energy system components like inverters, batteries, transfer switches and IoT components from a variety of suppliers.

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Enfinergy Web Console


Solar Inverters

Battery Inverters

Energy Storage

Enfinergy Mobile App

Smart Power Meters

Smart Power Manager

Smart Load Centers

Transfer Switches


Zigbee IoT

Benefits of Smart Power


Allow better flexibility of the grid securing needed power for consumers. If the grid fails, immediate backup power is provided. With rapid demand changes during the day, grid flexibility is required, SPC can inject or extract electricity as needed. Such flexibility enhances both reliability and resilience of the grid.

Save money

Smart Power Solutions save money for home owners or businesses and reduce operating costs for utilities by charging free renewable energy in the battery, and releasing it during peak periods, avoiding higher electricity rates. During grid outages, our users avoid business disruptions and lost supplies residential consumers and businesses can engage in interactive demand response programs offered by electricity suppliers.

Diverse energy

Integrate more distributed renewable energy sources. It does not only integrate renewable energy sources directly connected to SPC or SPM, but also balances the supply from intermittent grid scale resources by storing excess energy when the sun is up, and giving it back to the loads after sunset. They also integrate traditional power sources such as fossil fuel standby generators, turning them into a hybrid power plant.

Environment friendly

Excess electricity can be saved for later so none of your PV or Wind production is lost, helping to further reduce greenhouse emissions. It can also help to improve the efficiency of the grid by increasing the capacity of existing renewable sources and reducing the need for air polluting fossil powered peaking plants. Every SPC or SPM unit helps to avoid over 5000 kg of CO2 emissions per year, which equals to planting more than 60 trees.

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Enfinergy Smart Power Solutions provide reliable solutions to homes, small and medium commercial sites, as well as to utilities and distribution system operators (DSOs).


In Enfinergy we believe in the future of Renewable Green Energy, where electricity needs of the world are mostly covered by renewable energy sources, with majority of energy produced by independent renewable energy power plants of various sizes and technologies, and traded on the open marketplace at dynamic prices in an open and unrestricted manner via fast P2P, P2C and B2C transactions. We are committed to make this future happen!


Michael Erokhovets,

Founder & CEO

It's exciting to create something what can totally change the future.



Maurizio Migliore,

Co-Founder, COO

We believe that our technology is ahead of our time.


Sanjay Razdan,

Chairman of Advisory Board

We created our SPC with users in mind. Great things must be easy to install and easy to use.

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