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Smart Power Products

More than just a battery

All Enfinergy Smart Power Products use intelligent energy management algorithms, enabling energy cost savings with unprecedented user experience in control and visibility.

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Smart Power Manager

Smart energy hub, allowing to connect and inter operate energy system components like inverters, batteries and transfer switches from a variety of suppliers.

Smart Power Center

All-in-one solution with all necessary components of a smart energy system built-in.

Smart Energy Independence 24/7

Both SPC and SPM create an intelligent energy management hub for your home or business, securing reliable and cost efficient 24/7 energy supply to your site. Embedded smart algorithms for Grid-tie, Off-Grid and Hybrid system operation ensure your energy needs are fully served in most reliable and cost efficient way. With enough sunshine and properly sized storage capacity your site can remain off-grid for days.

Renewable energy sources and Hybrid power plant: All-in-One

Connect multiple energy sources from traditional and renewable power supply and generation, and manage energy consumption and cost, providing your energy needs are always fulfilled in the most reliable and economical way.Integrate multiple renewable energy sources and maximize self consumption ratio. Save 30-50% of fuel cost by converting traditional backup generator to a highly efficient hybrid power plant. 

Smart Home IoT integration and master control

With integrated support of WiFi, Zigbee and IFTTT technologies, operating distributed smart home devices has never been easier.

Grid services integration

Enhance grid performance and reliability by allowing distributed storage and virtual power plants with intelligent peak shaving and demand-side management.


Visibility and control

You will always be in full awareness and control of your system no matter if you are at home or away. Enfinergy Software Suite will enable you to access your device either via built–in graphical user interface with LCD touch screen display, or via state of the art Mobile App, which will keep you up to date with your PV system production and your energy usage history.

Product Technical Specifications

Single Phase grid service

Three Phase grid service

SPM technical data

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