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Account Deletion Procedure

To initiate the account deletion process on the "Enfinergy SPC" application, kindly follow these prescribed steps:

1. Compose an email to, with the subject line "Request for Account Deletion."

2. In the body of the email, include the following information:

    - Subject: Request for account deletion

    - Content: Your email address and the password used for logging into the application

    - If you wish to delete all data associated with SPC, please provide the serial number of the SPC in the email.

Within a one-month timeframe, we will expeditiously remove all personal data associated with your account from our servers. This includes, but is not limited to:

 - Email

 - Password

 - User name

 - User surname

Should you opt for the deletion of SPC-related data, we will also eliminate:

- Configuration of SPC

- Location of SPC

- History of economical and energy data

If you choose not to request the deletion of SPC-related data, this information will remain within the Enfinergy LLC database but will not be linked to any user account. If another user adds the SPC to their account, they will have access to this data.

Upon completion of the data deletion process, we will promptly respond to your email, confirming the successful removal of your data.

If you have other questions regarding data, you can read our Privacy policy

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